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We are proud to present the HOTTEST LARP of the moment! We are constantly updated on the best LARP events in Europe and have compiled a list of the most popular ones among our users. Here you will find the most reviewed LARP and the latest news, which will help you choose the next event to attend. Discover what makes these LARP so special and unique, and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Age of Guardians - 5/9 Giugno 2024

Battle for Vilegis

The balance of power over Lunaria are constantly changing, every moment is decisive to take the fate of your spectrum, your world and your story in hand. New peaks of power have been indicated by t…

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The Elder Scrolls Nirn Saga - "L'Alba dopo il Tramonto"

The elder scrolls GRV Nirn Saga

With the ascension of Aurelianus Septim to the imperial throne, the political situation in Skyrim is more uncertain and tense than ever. The fear of a possible new war against the Empire looms among …

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Lines We Draw

The Fog LARP

The 2024 instalment of The Fog LARP is about a post-war world left with a void where the common enemy used to be.A world of resurfaced ambition and mistrust.A world of choices.How far would you go?St…

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I ribelli della montagna

Terre Spezzate

"π‘„π‘’π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘π‘œ 𝑙'π‘–π‘›π‘”π‘–π‘’π‘ π‘‘π‘–π‘§π‘–π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘™π‘Ž π‘…π‘’π‘ π‘–π‘ π‘‘π‘’π‘›π‘§π‘Ž π‘…π‘’π‘ π‘–π‘ π‘‘π‘’π‘›π‘§π‘Ž π‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘’π‘›π‘‘π‘Ž π‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘’π‘›π‘‘π‘Ž π‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘’π‘›π‘‘π‘Ž π‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘’π‘›π‘‘π‘Ž" (Bertold Brecht) β˜… He returns, after nine years, the first historic larp of broken lands! β˜… β€œπ‘„π‘’π‘’π‘ π‘‘π‘Ž …

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Starts Soon

Totems Opus II : Du Sang pour le Val

Le Cycle - Totems

Welcome to the event of Opus 2 of the GN Totems!It is a life -size role -playing game organized by the association of the Sirens Cabaret.Like opus 1, as well as previous inter-events, the whole fram…

More info about this event

LARP "Rebelia WygnaΕ„cΓ³w"

Jan Jurkowski

For many thousands of years, the Olympian family had an undividedly universe.However, for two hundred years, from time to time to this world, through the creations of the creation, other deities fal…

More info about this event

our goal is PEACE


Rainbow Park of Masserano: Area of 20 hectares with fixed structures, intended for free time, granted in free use during weekends and during the year to the associations that request it at Sasil S.r…

More info about this event

Age of Guardians - 5/9 Giugno 2024

Battle for Vilegis

The balance of power over Lunaria are constantly changing, every moment is decisive to take the fate of your spectrum, your world and your story in hand. New peaks of power have been indicated by t…

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HØST - A Viking Saga - Episode 3

HØST - viking LARP

The king is dead. Long live the king…or queen, if the players will decide so. But first, proper ceremonies and feasts must be completed in the name of the late Eirikr.Five clans, 100 players, ~60 cre…

More info about this event

Ein Fest fΓΌr Hobbits II

Bogenwald & Jyrlund

Registration possible from Saturday, 06/10/2023 event information setting: exclusively hobbits from Tolkien's universe, festivities, competitions, small self -contained plots, eating and drinking, f…

More info about this event

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5Β days, 17Β hours ago

"Based on Dracula's journey from to London as described through newspaper clippings and diary entries in Bram Stoker's epistolary novel "Dracula", this LARP subjects its players to the claustrophobic …"

Demeter run #8


5Β days, 22Β hours ago

"Set in the Witcher universe conceived by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and popularised internationally by the vide game trilogy of the same title, the LARP draws its inspiration from both the books…"

Something Ends, Something Begins (Run #1 Int)


1Β week, 1Β day ago

"I have nothing to add, look at the stars!"

Volkan LARP - L'EreditΓ  di Atlas: Un Raggio di Speranza

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