Record Your Experience

Actively participate in the LARP-Radar community by recording your experience after each event you attend. Go into detail, describe the setting, characters, and share anecdotes that might be helpful to other players.

Verified Reviews Earn More

If you can verify your event participation through photos or official documents, you'll receive a bonus of points. This helps ensure the authenticity of reviews and rewards those who contribute reliable information.

Rate and Comment on Other Reviews

Engage in discussions by reading and commenting on others' reviews. Contribute with advice, ask questions, or express your appreciation for particularly helpful reviews. This not only enriches the community but also earns you extra points.

Accumulate Points for Fantastic Rewards

As you earn points through your reviews and active participation, you'll unlock membership levels and gain access to exclusive rewards. These may include discounts on future events, personalized merchandise, or even the opportunity to attend special events reserved for the most active members.

Available Rewards

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