Gimle LARP 2024

by Gimle Adventure

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6, Hästekasvägen, Hästekasen, Uddevalla kommun, Västra Götaland County, 451 96, Sweden

Tickets from 70.0€ to 220.0€

from 2024-07-17 22:00:00 to 2024-07-17 22:00:00

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Family friendly Deliciously inclusive

You can place your tent in the accampament


Full English


There taverns in place



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Join us for the 3.5 days filled with adventure, magic and intrigues in Swedish nature! 

🌕 Every year’s full moon, when the magic is the strongest, nations from across the Western Shores send their representatives to the famous ✨ Gimle Trade Days ✨ for the sacred Full Moon rituals - but also hoping to get rich, conquer land, get their fingers on the powerful artifacts and witness how history is made! Want to fight for honor on the battlefield? Explore the secret maze? Get involved in political intrigue? Become a rich trader? Or just have a bit of peace by becoming a resident of a peaceful village? Welcome!

🌿 Gimle is a community-based roleplay-oriented larp that brings together around 230 players from across the world. It accommodates a large variety of playstyles and is great for beginners, experts, families and adventurers alike! 

🏰 The venue houses permanent fantasy structures such as towers, gates, working smithery, fields, stage and 4 taverns, all on its 7 hectares of land.

Join us for the 8th year of the Adventure! 

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