Tales of the Dead War

by The Wardens

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Route des Glânes, Berlens, Mézières (FR), District de la Glâne, Fribourg, 1680, Switzerland

from 2024-07-05 18:00:00 to 2024-07-07 12:00:00

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“Death is not the end, it is a beginning…”
We are proud to announce our next event “Tales of the Dead War”, an epic battle LARP for 250 participants taking place in the Realms of Mythodea. Venture into the heart of the accursed territories, ruled by the Undead Flesh, where a brave band of settlers searches for one of King Garvan's legendary relics. Their quest pits them against the formidable Toten Mauer and its ghastly allies, in a land where every step forward is earned with peril.Will you stand with the valiant Wardens on their perilous expedition, or will you swell the ranks of the formidable Forsaken armies, ready for the deadly confrontations ahead?
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