Really Listen 2 Your Heart - Larp 2025

by Really Listen 2 Your Heart - A Larp where love is blind

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2, Place du Village, Les Bossons, Château-d'Oex, District de la Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut, Vaud, 1660, Switzerland

Tickets from 200.0€ to 450.0€

from 2025-05-22 15:00:00 to 2025-05-22 15:00:00

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Deliciously inclusive

Only native language


Sleeping place in location


There taverns in place


All hygiene facilities are available

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This is the event for the in person version of the online larp "Listen 2 Your Heart" by Quicksandbox.

We are looking to run an in person larp with the following parameters:

When: Thu 22nd - Mon 26th MAY 2025
Where: Switzerland, near Gstaad
How many: 30-34 player spots
How long: Arrive Thursday, leave Monday

Genre: Heightened slice of life, Reality TV, Dating Show, modern style, consent and calibration based

Themes: Queer-focused romance, dating, larger than life personalities, drama, emotional immersion


450€ standard ticket.
250€ sponsored ticket.

Location wheelchair accessible: Yes

Food: Vegetarian / Vegan by default. Participants are cooking for themselves with the help of "Chef" NPCs, no professional / outside catering will be provided.

Alcohol: Dry larp, alcohol at after party only

Sleep: Beautiful hotel beds. Participants must expect to possibly be sharing a double bed with someone. Participants must expect mixed gender bedrooms.

About the source material:

Listen 2 Your Heart is an online larp inspired by the hit Netflix show "Love is blind". It has been run over 10 times.
All characters sign up for a TV show where they want to find a spouse to legally marry at the end of the experience, without ever having seen them.

All characters are some flavor of bisexual / pansexual. They may have preferences, but none of the characters are to be played as straight or homosexual with only one gender preference.

There might be one or two characters who've had polyamorous experiences. However, the concept of the TV show is aiming for monoamorous / monogamous relationships.
If not stated otherwise in character sheets, characters have not had any experiences with polyamory.

All characters have consented to be on TV, it's a reality show and everybody has signed a waiver. This larp is not about outsmarting the system / breaking the show. Your characters want to be on TV and they are motivated to stay on the show, and they consented to the concept that this means they might marry someone.

The show is designed to target queer audiences and highlight / represent queer stories in reality TV.
All characters are some degree of bisexual, we are not going to divide people into gendered groups.
The whole experience is set to be online, participants will "leave to meet in person, move in together, and get married" after the end of the larp.

There will be drama, feelings, tears, love, hate, "confession cam" interviews and maybe even a proposal or two.


Please show us your love and appreciation and interest, let us know if this can become a reality!

Given enough interest, signups will start soon!

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