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We organize immersive role-play experiences (larp) for international audiences. Upcoming productions include: A Meeting of Monarchs (5-8 October 2023) Heirs of the Dragon (18-21, 2024) Dawn at Kaer Seren (April 2024)

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A Meeting of Monarchs run 4

Charmed Plume Productions

The year is 1520. Two of the most famous Kings of Renaissance History are meeting for the first time. Henry the 8th of England and François 1st of France welcome you to the Field of The Cloth o…

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Dawn at Kaer Seren

Charmed Plume Productions

Dawn at Kaer Seren is an immersive role-play adventure (larp) inspired by the world of The Witcher.The year is 1235. Humans of the Northern Kingdoms and the Nilfgaar…

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Fairweather Manor: The Titanic Prelude

Charmed Plume Productions

Fairweather Manor: The Titanic Prelude is an immersive role-play event (larp) inspired by the 1910s as seen in Downton Abbey, Upstairs, Downstairs and Titanic. Our goal is to balance the atmosp…

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