STAY 2024

by STAY Larp Overall Group

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Bälliz, Reutigen, Thun administrative district, Oberland administrative region, Bern, 3647, Switzerland

Tickets from 70.0€ to 200.0€

from 2024-10-31 16:00:00 to 2024-10-31 16:00:00

Facebook event

To an adult audience Deliciously inclusive

Full English


Sleeping place in location


Fully Catered


All hygiene facilities are available

Make this Notebook Trusted to load map: File -> Trust Notebook

STAY will not be a PvE (Player vs Environment) larp. There won’t be NPCs / Game Masters running around scaring people, there won’t be a horde of NPCs to kill, and players will not be frightened through jumpscares or someone banging on their bedroom door at night.

The horror in this larp will almost entirely be created via character interactions and relations.

There won’t be Vampires, Zombies or Mutants.

There will only be Ghosts and Mortals.

There won’t be Monsters. 

YOU are the Monsters.

No character is an innocent bystander or defenseless victim.

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