Outer West 4 - The Final Confrontier

by Outer-West Orga

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Westernstadt Lingelcreek, Mainstreet99, Lingelbach, Alsfeld, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, 36304, Germany

Tickets from 70.0€ to 130.0€

from 2025-05-15 16:00:00 to 2025-05-15 16:00:00

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Only native language


Sleeping place in location


There taverns in place


All hygiene facilities are available

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of gods and generals
Incredible has happened!

junction city dakotas, after the end of the final show act, one person entered the stage of the junction dancehall who introduced themselves as "the good man".At first the whole thing was thought to be a bad, late show act, but when the man's voice from all corners of the hall sounded at the same time, there was no longer any doubt.The Lord is here, and stands in person and in person on stage in Junction City!The good man spoke to the citizens of Junction that Ina Lanka, the great mother of the Originees, would have conjured up his advice, because they demanded his own piece of land, an eighth county, a Holy Land!The Lord continued to say that he granted them to them and that he would pull the limits of all seven counties again to make the Holy Land come true.Only Junction City is a neutral exclave, because to hub both parties, Siedler & AMP;Have original access.The voice of the good man was not yet fallen because the light flickered, and in a cone of light appeared like another man on the other end of the dancehall.The good man explained to everyone present that it was the legendary general of the southern cities William T. Striker.General Striker's voice also sounded from all corners of the hall.Angry and full of anger, he drove trapper snake on how he could dare to break his agreement with him and to rob the south part of his country just to give it the wild one!After a short very heated change of words between the two, General Striker announced that he was now also released from his agreement.He will unite all nine stars of the old south under a banner, and if the south does not get his country back, he and his troops will collect, move to junction, and tear the hub out of the world!

The editorial team of the Capital Courier is, just like the residents of Junction City, overwhelmes what the individual statements have meant, but one thing is inevitably certain: he is back!


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