The Chasm LARP E1 2024 - The Trial Begins/They Came From The Other Side

by Mac Gaisford

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Winchester Road, Manor Farm, Langrish, Stroud, East Hampshire, Hampshire, England, GU32 1RG, United Kingdom

Tickets from 40.0€ to 50.0€

from 2024-08-02 18:00:00 to 2024-08-04 15:00:00

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Full English


Sleeping place in location


There taverns in place



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Details to follow shortly including game infoTICKETS:
E1 - £40 - £40 ticket - £70
To allow us to dive more into the horror areas, we will be changing out start and finish times.
Friday: 1900-0500
Saturday: 1400-0300
Sunday: 1100-1500The rules will be updated within the coming months to clarify skills. The link will be posted afterwards.Crew:
For those of you interested in crewing:
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