Krystalivm: Voices in the Dark

by LarpVenture

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Fort IV Stanisława Żółkiewskiego, 86, Bolesława Chrobrego, Dębowa Góra, Katarzynka, Toruń, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, 87-100, Poland

Tickets from 400.0€ to 500.0€

from 2024-11-21 16:00:00 to 2024-11-21 16:00:00

Facebook event

To an adult audience Deliciously inclusive

Full English


Sleeping place in location


Fully Catered


All hygiene facilities are available

Make this Notebook Trusted to load map: File -> Trust Notebook

Everything looked like a regular sabotage mission... Infiltrate the facility. Gather only what’s crucial for further research. Eliminate witnesses. Blow it up to cover traces. But when you see the dark silhouettes of the facility staff, you wonder - did you remember to pack your morality?

Krystalivm: Voices in the Dark is a step away from the main storyline, and tells a story of a crucial mission happening between the first chapters of the trilogy. It’s a smaller game focused on action and exploration under stress and time constraints. The outcomes of players' actions still impact how the story unfolds and what happens not only at this larp but also in the later chapters of the main storyline.

The field mission event is open to both returning players and people entering the world of Krystalivm for the first time. You don’t have to participate in the main trilogy to play Voices in the Dark, but it might be also a great way to join it!

date: (21)22-24.11.2024
location: Fort IV Toruń, Poland
players number: 35-50
players’ age: 18+
price: 450/490 EUR

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