Tagebuch der Abenteurer 2024

by LarpSchmiede

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19, Sparbach, Vitis, Bezirk Waidhofen an der Thaya, Lower Austria, 3902, Austria

Tickets from 30.0€ to 140.0€

from 2024-10-03 15:00:00 to 2024-10-03 15:00:00

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To an adult audience

You can place your tent in the accampament


English Friendly


There taverns in place



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You have been wrong in the small village for a long time.You are cold and you finally want to go to

Warm your stomach and drink a good glass of beer or met.The lights flicker and the view is restricted by the evening fog.According to the halls, steps in the small courtyard."Somewhere the entrance to this damn tavern must be!" If you whisper quietly to yourself when you shake the next door.
You can clearly hear voices as if they celebrate and laugh.When you turn around you, you can see a gentle light under one of the doors.With another whisper: "But that has to be the tavern now!" You step closer and put your hand on the door handle as you are startled.Next to you in the shade, a figure that looks at you.
You clearly interfere with the croaky words than the old man and says to you: “If you open this door, there is no longer any back.Rich treasures or death await you behind this gate. ”The old one scratches his back of the head, smiles with his yellow teeth bitterly and says:“ This will be an adventure! ”When he pushes you through the door with a clever movement of his hip.

We would like to invite you to the diary of adventurers to an adventure game in our world with whhua!
in advance: No, you need no background knowledge or information about one of the previous games.The adventurers' diary is a series of single larps that everyone can come to.

Here is an overview of what you will expect in this game:

- a designed dungeon
- objects that you find in the dung you can keep
- puzzle plots
- role play - and interaction flots
- - fight and struggle andAction includes this is not a load -bearing part of the game

Our goal is to challenge you as a player with our tasks.We always think about possible solutions in advance and at the same time are excited to see what ideas you will have.Character deaths are not on the agenda, but be aware: what you do has consequences - just like what you fail.If you visit the dungeon, you are aware that the chance of survival of your character depends on how well you and your group act together.We do not plan the characters in our dungeon in advance.However, we do not forbid if someone is careless.Since you actually guess from the dungeon or maybe even loot magical objects and keep we will definitely not make it easy for you.

You would like to have a personal plot on the diary of the adventurers ... no problem!Just discover a few key points where you want to develop with your character and we will design a small plot for you.

The game is suitable for both newcomers and regular players!

Here are the organizational facts:

when: October 6, 2024
WO : Wolfsgrund- Sparbach 19, 3902 Sparbach
Self-or full catering (bring food for dishes yourself!)
indoor* or tent sleeping places for players
indoor sleeping places* for NSC
regulations: signum

Info for actors: We need you to build and operate our dungeons as well as for jumping and fixed rollers.Log in to get in touch if you always wanted to know and experience how a dungeon is built and operated when you are in the mood for NSC rolls with background and want to open an epic event with us.

Info for players: Please send us your character by 04/15/2024 to [email protected]

*Indoor Schafplatz means that we provide you with a covered area.In any case, you need underlay mat/field bed and sleeping bag or similar!In general, we plan for every approx. 3m².


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