Forest Argent Day Event

by Forest Argent

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Colaton Raleigh Common, B3180, Colaton Raleigh, East Devon, Devon, England, EX5 1EZ, United Kingdom

Tickets from 10.0€ to 20.0€

from 2024-03-16 10:00:00 to 2024-03-16 20:00:00

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No need to sleep

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Wheathill Plantation Car Park, East Budleigh (map)
Where? Meeting at The Toby Carvery at 9am to be at Woodbury common for 10am (carpark - Wheathill Plantation Car Park, East Budleigh)
How Much? Free for crew and new comers, £10 for members, £15 for non-members.

Plot - The Lost Garden Once, when the world of Melnisia was young, and the sun still shone brightly, the Melnisians still worked with their world and rejoiced in the growth of tree and their dryads, the air elementals that carried them from their towers, the strange beasts that roamed the land, some so tame they would eat from your hand, their lived a sear. And his visions were terrible. His dire warnings fell on deaf ears, his concerns with growing power and pettiness turned to violence, of over use of magic was laughed at and eventually, legend has it that he surseaded from the world. Taking his garden with him, he simply left. 
Closing the gates. Sealing the area with wards. Holding back time itself. Until now. The Garden has opened. 
Has he died?
Has he returned?
More importantly, what strange things from before the fall of Melnisia and the time of Emperors have survived in this strange pocket of history. The Forest has opened, and the only way out, seems to be through.


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